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New Flat Fee

The first dollar amount within each travel range equals the official's fee plus a flat rate for travel paid for the first game officiated. The second dollar amount (base game fee) would be for each additional game the official works (first game fee + travel / fee for each additional game). The travel range is calculated by driving distance (one way) from the chapter's center point to the school.

Exception: Schools that participate at a venue in a different travel range from the chapter center point than their school address, shall work with the chapter to determine which travel range fee will be utilized. Disputes between the school and chapter shall be settled by the UIL executive director, or designee. The UIL will determine the online mapping service to be used in making distance and other determinations.


  • Art. 1- A screen is a legal action by a player who, while touching the playing court, without causing contact, delays or prevents an opponent from reaching a desired position.

  • Art. 2- To establish a legal screening position:

    • a. The screener may face any direction.

    • b. Time and distance are relevant.

    • c. The screener shall be stationary, except when both the screener and  opponent are moving in the same path and same direction.

    • d. The screener shall stay within his/her vertical plane with a stance approximately shoulder width apart.

  • Please refer to rule book for Art. 3 through Art. 8

Where Should the Ball Go?

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