Lubbock Basketball

Officials Chapter


Local Dues for Members

Local dues for returning members (must have been a member of LBOC in 2021-2022) for the 2022-2023 season are $50 until June 30th, starting July 1st dues become $90. You can pay your local dues online (button below). We are NOT taking dues at meetings anymore, MUST pay online.

If you are a reinstatement (rejoining LBOC, NOT a member the previous season), or dual member, your local dues will be $65 until June 30th, starting July 1st dues become $90. If you are transferring from another chapter your dues will be $65. To pay and fill out an application for reinstatement, dual, or transfer officials please go to the NEW OFFICIALS page by clicking the "reinstatement, dual, transfer" button below.


State Dues for Members

State dues for returning members for the 2022-2023 season are $60 before July 1st, 2022, starting July 16th dues become $90. You must pay state dues online at THSBOA/Arbiter by clicking below. You CANNOT use a phone or tablet, you MUST use a desktop!


Test Requirements

All members must take and pass a rules and mechanics test with a 70 or better BEFORE you can officiate games. To officiate varsity games you must pass a rules and mechanics test with an 80 or better.  To officiate playoffs you need a 90 or better on rules 1 and 3-person mechanics. To officiate regional or state games you need a 90 or better on rules 1,  2-person, and 3-person mechanics.

Meeting Attendance

You must attend 50% of meetings and a rules clinic in order to be in good standing. If you cannot attend a meeting fill out the form below before midnight (12:00 AM) of scheduled meeting explaining reason for absence to receive credit for missed meeting. 


ALL shirts will be BLACK and WHITE NO PANEL. Shirts CANNOT have patches, they must be sublimated with a flag and THSBOA logo. If you are wearing a jacket for pregame, the crew must MATCH. 


For 2021-2022 season you will receive 3 books (rules, case, and mechanics book). All past books can be found online.


Icons on Arbiter 

If you hover over the icon it will tell you what the icon is for.

Icons can be found on your Arbiter profile under your picture.

Make sure you are on the Lubbock-UIL page (top right corner.)

If you have paid STATE dues you will see a PAID stamp.

If you have paid LOCAL dues you will see a green dollar sign.

If you have attended the rules clinic you will see a ball and a rim.

If you have met the tests requirements you will see a pencil.

If you have a "V" you have met all varsity requirements.

(Other icons might go away and be replaced with a "V")

If you are play-off eligible you will see a black & white ref.

Some icons are controlled by THSBOA.

If you see a black whistle, a tower, or a check mark, they are controlled by THSBOA. 

The black whistle means you passed the rules test with a 70 or better.

The tower means you passed the rules and 3-person test with a 90 or better.

The check mark mean you passed a background check. 

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Tests Passed.png